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The first is that there was a video that surfaced today in which a guy was asked by his mother what he did for a living. His response was “I’m an actor” and his response to her question was “I’m a doctor”.

This is very interesting and could lead to a lot of interesting questions. Is it the same person or is it some sort of a persona? Can we get a sense of how his social life might have changed over the years? How did his friends act to him at different times? The fact that he’s a doctor could indicate that he might have had a more conventional life, or that he wanted to prove to himself that he could have a life outside of his profession.

We can’t really tell for sure since we don’t know who he is, but we can assume that he’s a doctor who has had an identity crisis. What we can be sure of is that he’s doing everything possible to make sure he doesn’t become a doctor again. He’s a doctor who’s been so obsessed with his identity that he’s tried to kill himself.

We can also be sure hes a doctor though. Every doctor in every city in the world. It is his job to fix the people who get stuck in the hospital, and to fix them so they can get better.

Even though he is dying, we can be sure he is not a doctor, because hes not in the hospital. But we can be sure he is a doctor because hes a doctor whos been so obsessed with his identity that hes tried to kill himself.

The fact that hes such a doctor doesn’t surprise me, but the fact that hes dying doesn’t. The fact that hes dying proves me right.

I’m not sure if my readers have heard of the 9 News Twitter account, but if you have, it’s quite a bit more interesting than most Twitter accounts. The thing is, many tweets are funny so I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out which ones to follow. There are several people tweeting about the various events happening around the world, and it is a very nice way to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

It’s a very nice and interesting way to keep up with whats going on in the world. A lot of the tweets are funny, and there some good ones too. For example, there is a tweet from a guy who is a bit obsessed with his favorite band, Pink Floyd. The guy has a nice picture of it and is tweeting about it as much as his friends. If you like Pink Floyd, you’ll like this account.

Pink Floyd was one of the first bands to receive a lot of attention from the media when it was a new band. The media was so excited about Pink Floyd that when they didn’t have a hit record, the media took to calling them the “band that could play rock’n’roll.” And that’s exactly what they did.


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