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From the Daily Mail: “Abilene resident Mary M. Miller, 65, a mother who worked at the Abilene High School newspaper, died this week of a viral infection after spending three years in hospice care. Miller’s husband, James M. Miller, said his wife, who lived in the home with her family, was diagnosed with pneumonia after an illness in the spring.

Abilene High School’s website says that the school has a “deep and abiding love” for the Miller family and is preparing a fund-raiser for them.

Miller was a reporter for a local newspaper for three years. She was also a volunteer in her community. For her obituary, the Abilene Reporter, she shared her love of Abilene, her two sons, her husband, and her many pets.

The Abilene Reporter was an independent news and opinion website founded in 1989. The newspaper published in Abilene, Texas, on the second floor of the Abilene Senior Center building. The website was created in 2001 by former reporter James M. Miller. Miller left the newspaper in October of 2016 to pursue the same passion that had guided her career for so long: her love for writing.

Miller had been a columnist for the Abilene Reporter since 1985. At first she wrote for the website’s sister publication, The Abilene Reporter Bulletin. She also wrote for various radio and television stations, newspaper, and other publications around the country.

Miller left the newspaper to pursue a career in journalism. She has used her passion for writing to make her way as a freelance writer and a columnist. She continues to write for the new website, abilene-reporter.com, and has also contributed to The Abilene Reporter Bulletin. For more information, visit abilene-reporter.com.

Miller is also a contributing editor of the American Scientist. For more information, visit am.science.

The Abilene Reporter is Miller’s new newspaper that she writes for. It’s where you’ll find her latest articles, interviews, and more. For more information, visit abilene-reporter.com.

And now, for something completely different from the conventional newspaper: The Abilene Reporter is a weekly newsletter that Miller and I call the “best place on the web for science news and information.” We write about all the latest science news from around the world and make it available to you in a format that works for you.

The Abilene Reporter is a great source for science news and we always try to update it with the newest science articles, videos, and other information that we think will be of interest to you. We also have a blog, which you can read here. And then of course, there’s the newsletter. We think it’s the best source for science news and information around.


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