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the following was originally posted in the flash news category, but we decided to include it here because it’s so relevant to self-awareness and the way we interact with the world around us. Please note that the following is a satirical news article about the Malayalam media and the news that is being circulated in the state of Kerala.

In the State of Kerala, the newspaper “Kerala State News” has been publishing a weekly newspaper called “Pahadi” for the past 50 years. The news portal is part of the “Buzz” group of news media and is owned and controlled by the Gomantak Media Group. In the past, the news portal also published a news magazine called “Flesh and Blood”.

The current issue of Pahadi is a satire on the fact that the news portal is controlled by a very rich man and is full of money. The news portal is now an object of mockery because of the fact that the journalists are not paid. This satire is based on the fact that the news portal is full of corruption and is controlled by the Gomantak Group.

What happened to the Gomantak Group? It turns out they are the owners of the Pahadi website as well as the news portal. They acquired Pahadi and News Magazines a year ago and began publishing them in partnership with the Gomantak Group. They have been publishing the news portal Pahadi since last year.

The Gomantak Group is a large media conglomerate that owns some of the leading media outlets in India including Star News, PTV, and Malayalam News. They also own the Gomantak Group News, which is a subsidiary of the Gomantak Group. The Gomantak Group is also behind the Gomantak Group News Network, which is one of the largest news channels in the country.

Pahadi is a news portal which is published by Gomantak, the media conglomerate of which we speak. Pahadi is one of the top news portals in India. The portal has a circulation of over 10 million, and has been on the top of the news list in both the Indian and international newspapers.

News channels are a big part of how the media works. That is, if you were to take out the majority of the world’s news channels, they wouldn’t have the same reach, which is why they are in the middle of everything else. The fact that flash news channels like Gomantak have managed to grow to such a great size is a testament to how much the media is influenced by advertising dollars.

The truth is that the news industry is more like a giant advertisement company. The news channels that we see in the news also have a lot of influence because they have the most resources and revenue from advertising. For instance, Advertisers are the ones who pay for the news channels to produce the news content for our viewing devices.

The problem with advertising is that it is so easily manipulated that a single advertiser can have a huge impact on the quality of the news content that we consume. That’s why more and more news channels are starting to produce their own news content. We saw this in a recent episode of Gomantak, where a big news company named News TV had created a news show with a news personality who wasn’t from the news channel and that show was very popular.

News channels in India have a long history of producing news content to provide their viewers with information, but these days its more than just the news channel that produces the news. There are a number of TV channels that produce news content as well. But these days the news channel is more often known for producing videos or “stories.


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