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Our new website, has a new section called “The Lake City Mennonites” that will help answer some of your questions about living here in Minnesota. Read more about it here.

It’s not really a news website. It’s a community site that includes a lot of local and national news as well as a few random sites that are not very well covered by the larger media. This site is very active and it’s a great resource for any Minnesota mennonite who wants to know what’s happening in their part of the world.

This is the second website where we have made it a point to include the local and national news in a way that’s easy for our readers to read. The first being our own website Lake City Mennonites. Its very easy to get a quick summary of what is happening in a specific area of the state. We take local news seriously here.

So if you want to know whats happening in your region, make sure you check out Lake City Mennonites.

Lake City Mennonites has been around since 1985, so it has plenty of local news to go on. But our main focus is the national news which is why our site is so easy to get a quick summary of. It is also where we provide the most comprehensive coverage of the issues facing your community.

Lake City Mennonites is proud to say we have no agenda. We are here to provide a variety of local and national news, so there is something for everyone here.

Since many members of the community are elderly and/or disabled (due to the recent flooding in Lake City), this site is dedicated to keeping the community safe and healthy. Lake City Mennonites believes that there should be a balance between the needs of the elderly and those of the disabled. This is why we have a policy of not taking any money from the elderly or the disabled. We believe that everyone deserves the same opportunity to live their lives as possible.

For all who are elderly and/or disabled, we would like to thank our friends at Mennonite Village. The lake city mn church has been providing support to the elderly and disabled since the early days of our church. The church has been a blessing to the elderly and our disabled friends and neighbors. It has allowed the elderly and disabled to have the opportunity to live their lives peacefully, without worry.

The lake city mn church is an excellent place for elders and disabled people to go for support and ministry. But we’re also glad to have Mennonite Village take a look at our church and our ministry. We are thankful to our friends at Mennonite Village for their support and hope that they will continue to support our ministry even if we are no longer with them.

Mennonite Village is a good place to get help and support. They are just too good to give it up, and are always willing to assist us in any way we need. We are so thankful for every single person who helped us out and gave us the support we needed to continue in ministry.


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