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This post comes from the blog saugus, home of the most awesome saugus ever. If you haven’t read saugus you are missing out. If you haven’t read saugus you are missing out. If you haven’t read saugus you are missing out. If you haven’t read saugus you are missing out.

The blog is run by a guy called David, who seems to have grown a beard and started a band called The Great Plains of America. The blog post in question is about the state of saugus (and the blog itself) lately.

I just got back from a vacation to Germany, where I spent two days relaxing in a beautiful garden next to a beautiful lake. It was a very nice place to relax. I made a video showcasing all of these fantastic saugus, and the last one of the day is the most amazing.

The great saugus are the most adorable creatures on earth, and they are also among the most dangerous. Their natural habitat is the Arctic. They are extremely rare, and only about three live in the wild. They have eight arms and can manipulate ice and snow to form their bodies. They have been hunted to near extinction, and the people who own the saugus tend to be the owners of the best hunters in the world.

The first saugus was brought to the islands in the 80s by a young saugus hunter named John, who was looking for a companion. He was not very successful, and one day one of the saugus attacked and killed him. He decided to go to the Arctic island of Saugus to recover from the attack.

The saugus are described as having a very short lifespan, and a short life span is good for the saugus because it means that the best hunters in the world are going to be able to track him down and kill him. After Saugus, the saugus went hunting in the mountains, where the best hunters in the world are found.

A saugus, or dog like creature is a creature that is small, but large. The saugus is the dog equivalent of a wolf. They are extremely strong and fast, and their prey is very small. The Saugus are also described as having a very long human lifespan, which the saugus will never get. It is also implied that they are very smart, and as such, they will make quick work of any human who tries to attack them.

They are also known to be very cruel, which is why they were hunted. The saugus have a very bad reputation and are not to be messed with by any humans.

In the future, humans are to be seen as the enemy, and the saugus are to be hunted. The humans are seen as the weak, defenseless enemies, and the saugus are to be hunted as the very fast predators. The saugus are also highly intelligent, so it’s almost inevitable that they will use their intelligence against the humans to take over the world.

I want to say that I was a little disappointed with the saugus story, and I agree. I think they did a good job of making sure the story was not just an over-the-top action movie, and you know what? They did a good job of it. The story was more involved than the trailer, and I think it was good.


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