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This article was written by one of my favorite people in the world, West Ham United fan @whamUnitedFan. It really was a great piece of writing and it really made me think about the relationship between the people and the club.

WhamUnitedFan’s article is not just about the relationship between the club and the fans, it’s about the relationship between the fans and the players. Because of the nature of the transfer window and the fact that we have not seen a lot of new faces since the summer of 2012, we’re now faced with the kind of pressure that leads to a more aggressive attitude on the part of the fans.

The article is a good look into how the fans are now looking to the players. In particular, the article focuses on how some fans feel like the players are too aggressive. In fact, it highlights the point that players are trying to distance themselves from the fans. But there’s more to it than that.

The article focuses on the fans’ view about the players’ behaviour: “it’s all about the fans, guys”. It goes on to say that the fans are asking if the players are trying to get rid of their team and the players are responding by saying that they think it’s more about the fans’ support than who they play.

I agree with the article’s point that players behaving like this is a symptom of the fans support. But some fans are just as involved in the game as the players. They just like to call players on it because they don’t like them playing the way they did. This is the same type of behaviour they’ll get when they call on a player because they don’t like their play.

I think that the real issue is with fans like myself who want to see west ham players get rid of their team. But in this day and age you cant just throw a player out. You have to give their team some sort of contract allowing them to go elsewhere to play. Like say, a lower division club.

As it turns out, it was the same type of behaviour that got the players fired up when they called on the players. Apparently, these days if a player is unhappy with a team, he calls them.

I guess it’s just my opinion that the players on the east end of the ham have more to lose than the players on the west end of the ham. But that’s just my opinion so I’ll stick to it.

There is an interesting irony in the fact that the east end of the ham has a higher percentage of players that have left the team in the last three years than the west end of the ham does. That’s because when you’re on the west end of the ham, the players have more leeway in making their own decisions.

In fact, the east end of the ham has more players that are playing at the “real” time, which is the time when the management actually says how their team is doing. On the west end of the ham, things don’t play out that way. You have to be playing a game to know anything about the team that isn’t covered in the news.


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