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The article is about a Malayalam news portal in India and it talks about a new technology in the country called the ‘Smartphone’. It is a device that stores an app on the phone. The smartphone can then read the content of the app and then transmit it to the user’s phone (through a smartphone app or some other method).

The idea behind this is that the smartphone can now store more information about you and your life, like a family member might have stored. Also, it can store a lot of information that you might not think about at the time. For example, when you walk out of a store, your smartphone can store your shopping list, the time, the place where you bought your items, and the products that you bought.

The use of the smartphone app is one of the many things that makes it so convenient for us. So because we are in the middle of a busy season when it comes to selling our old phones, the app stores all the information we might need for that sale. Whether it be the phone number of our old phone, the number of our old account to check, or the old photos of the phone that we have saved on the phone, it can all be stored on the phone.

This is all in an attempt to prevent the proliferation of these phones. If they are sold, they will be out in the open. If we sell the old phone, it can be auctioned at any time, and the phone owner can’t buy it back. The same thing can happen with the old phones and the old account.

This is to prevent the proliferation of the phones. If we sell the phone, and all the data is exposed, the phone that we bought the phone from can be sold. This is the same problem with our old account that we have already discussed, except we have the old account that is linked to the old phone, and if that phone is sold, we have no way to get it back.

The phone and the old account are the same thing, so this could never happen. But it does, because as we all know, phones can be sold. Even though we have our old account linked to the old phone, someone with the ability to do this would have already got our old phone so they could sell it.

Our old phone may be a little off on the timeline, but it’s still ours. We can always get our old phone back if we ever want it.

This is what we’ve noticed after a week of rumors and speculation. After the phone owner sold the phone, he didn’t simply lose his phone, he lost his power to sell it. This is because the phone owner sold the phone on the black market, and the phone was then used to sell the phone. This is how people lose accounts in the first place, and how they can lose their accounts just by being blacklisted. This is what’s going on right now with www.

That’s the site we’ve been on for a week. We’ve been the site that posted about the phone and we’ve been the site that published the news about the phone. We’ve been the site that posted about the phone and we’ve been the site that published the news about the phone. We’re not the site that wrote the news.

We did write these stories and we did post them, but we did not write them. We are the site that published the news.


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