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“The first thing I think of on the morning of a new year is to look out my window, see the light on the horizon and the new day.

I’m a fan of a lot of “old school” news media. When I was in high school, I was really obsessed with newspapers and magazines that I got from my dad and I would read every single day of my life. But I’m also a fan of news that’s new and interesting, that’s not a repeat of anything I’ve seen before. I recently read a great book called “The New York Times Magazine” that I read in a single sitting.

The Times is a great source of news. But it’s also great because it is so easy to take. It’s one of the few things on the internet that I can actually go to, and read, and scroll through without feeling like a voyeur.

I love the Times because it goes all over the place, covering topics in detail and showing a lot of different sides of every issue. But its also great because it is very easy to just take a page from the Times and read from it, without feeling as if its the only place you can find news. But that is also where my favorite news is found. Youtube has the best news of any website. You can go to and read a news article, or go to news.

This is because the video quality on Youtube is so good, and I can easily scroll through the news without feeling like a voyeur. This is because has a really good search engine that makes finding a video to read a news article as easy as it would be on any other website.

Youtube has over 1.3 billion videos on it, so you can easily find any news article you want. But Youtube is also home to a lot of other news videos, including video from other news sites. If any of your favorite sites had a good video on it, it would be on

There’s an easy way to find all of the news videos on Youtube if you’re willing to use youtube.

There are a lot of great news video sources, but I recommend searching Youtube for Ethiopian news. The video above is from Ethiopia News with some of their video clips embedded in.

Ethiopian news is one of the best sources for news on the Internet because it has some of the most in depth coverage out of any of the other news sources. The video above is from their news feed, and it’s great. The video below is from an Ethiopian news video site. Both are great, but the Ethiopian one is also great because it’s embedded in a really good Ethiopian story.

It’s really great to see a video from a different angle. I didn’t even know what an Ethiopian was until I saw this video. It’s a fascinating experience to watch video from different angles so you don’t get bored.


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